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By inscribing a name, you celebrate and honour your family heritage while supporting Villa Charities’ programs and services.

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Personalized name plaques are available with a $1,000 donation and can include a maximum of two names. A year of immigration to Canada must be provided with each name and will appear on the plaque.

A limited quantity of plaques are available and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. For each plaque purchase, a tax receipt will be issued for the maximum allowable amount. If you would like to split the purchase of your plaque with a family member(s), please contact our sales office.

Plaques will be positioned in alphabetical order by last name (by Plaque Name 1 if a double name plaque is purchased). Name plaques will be installed on the Villa Charities Italian Canadian Immigrant Tribute wall when construction begins.

Plaque design available with your choice of one or two names. Actual name plaque size will be 6” w x 2.5” h.

The Villa Charities Italian Canadian Immigrant Tribute installation is located on the north-facing wall of Toronto’s iconic Columbus Centre, at 901 Lawrence Avenue West.

By purchasing a plaque, you celebrate and honour your family heritage while supporting Villa Charities’ programs and services such as senior care, cultural programming, scholarships and youth services, and capital needs.

By purchasing your plaque, you also have the opportunity to share your family journey on this website. You’ll be able to:

  • Share your family story (up to 250 words)
  • Share your region of origin
  • Upload up to 4 photos with your story

Purchasing a plaque
also means:

You can share your immigration history with the community, to appear on our Immigrant Map. This feature is only available to donors who have purchased a name plaque on the Immigrant Tribute installation.

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Angelo Rossetti

Immigration Year: 1949

Antonietta Rossetti

Immigration Year: 1950

Guerino Di Nicolantonio

Immigration Year: 1958

Giuseppina Di Nicolantonio

Immigration Year: 1959

Maria Noemi Peres (Pascutto)

Immigration Year: 1927

Antonio Di Felice

Immigration Year: 1955

Nicoletta Petti

Immigration Year: 1954

Pietro Lisena

Immigration Year: 1965

Pasqua Bessie D'Ambrosio

Immigration Year: 1953

Luciano Schipano

Immigration Year: 2011

Rocco Schipano

Immigration Year: 2001

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